Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trip to the zoo and MRI

This is Gracie at the zoo with her mom's favourite shirt. We had a fun time with some friends from Boston that just moved to Texas. It was so much fun to see them and spend the day together!
This is a cool slide at the zoo where the kids could slide through the otter tank. The otters loved playing around the slide as the kids went down.

Last Friday (the 13th of August), Gracie had an MRI. She is supposed to have MRIs every six months right now just to be sure that everything is OK. She was pretty excited to go to the hospital and was happy to chat with everyone that came in. Our first nurse asked if I had any questions and I said no. She asked Gracie if she had any questions and Gracie said, "Yes, I have one question." Then there was silence and the nurse finally said, "What is your question?" Gracie slowly said, "Ummm. Why do I have hair?" The nurse tried not to laugh and thought for a moment then asked me what I thought.

Then after Gracie had finished her MRI and we had walked down to the recovery room, our discharge nurse noticed that there was something right in the middle of Gracie's right eye (her prosthetic eye). This happens often as eye goop gets left where the eyelids meet. The nurse that had walked us into the recovery room seemed to try to get the discharge nurse's attention to let her know that it was a prosthetic but she persisted in trying to see what was on her eye. I leaned over Gracie and looked at her eye then used my thumb to wipe all of the goop off the center of her prosthetic. The nurse gasped and jumped back. I laughed and said it was a prosthetic. Gracie chuckled too and said, "That is my fake eye." The nurse looked at us and then said, "Gracie when you get older you are going to have a lot of fun with that eye." I think she already does.

Anyway, we have not heard back the results of the MRI but do not really expect to hear anything either. Gracie is doing really well and finished two weeks of swimming lessons in the last month. She loves to swim and we try to get her and her siblings to the pool frequently.